IT is under pressure. And while it is not necessarily a bad thing, it creates several realities that any business – big or small – should face.

1. Cost-saving efforts are driving a reduction in IT staff.

From your e-mails, to your business process applications, desktop computers, printers, and network, IT runs almost every aspect of your business. However, more and more IT managers are forced to do more with less money. According to CNET, 67% of IT leaders now have reduced budgets, yet they also need to deliver more for their organizations. How do they respond? They cut down on their staffing.

You would think that because of IT’s importance, organizations would want to ensure that it runs smoothly. Well, they do, but they also expect IT to run smoothly with the barest number of people that can make it work. So what happens when there is a problem with your e-mail? What if your Web server is suddenly taken offline, or if there is a disaster that affects your office location?

Sometimes, IT managers wish that they could tap people they could turn into IT guys for a day to help cope with the increased demand for IT services. It may be temporary, but the problems are all urgent. Employees lose productivity when they can’t even open their e-mails and customers are turned off if they cannot access your online store. In short, your business’ reputation can suffer from any IT-related failure. What’s more, your data and information are vulnerable until you upgrade or patch your existing software.

The good news is that you can tap Support.BG to help you with your IT infrastructure support. The expert team at Support.BG can help you with directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory or Fedora Directory Server, e-mail services, Web servers, database servers, operating systems, networks, and even disaster recovery and management.

IT infrastructure support services help you save as much as 40% of your costs, according to InformationWeek.

But that does not mean that the quality of your IT infrastructure support needs to take a dip!

2. Businesses are adopting new technologies.

There is always a new technology coming out that can help you stay competitive in an already dog-eat-dog business environment. Whether it is the cloud, or big data, or a new software, you simply cannot dismiss or ignore these technologies because your competitors would be focusing on them.

Support.BG allows you to implement these new technologies using your current infrastructure. No need to spend on a complete overhaul or spend another dime on something when you already have the systems in place. You can also consult with us to see how you can take advantage of your current systems to help you get the benefits of all the latest technologies that are relevant to your business.

You also need a partner who is up-to-date with the latest trends and not just a mere service provider. There is a difference between the two. A service provider will come in and do everything needed to make sure that the services run fine. They do not do anything beyond that.

An IT infrastructure partner does that and more. They would take time to study your current systems, see which area needs to be improved and then looks into the future to make sure that you are ready to take advantage of emerging trends quickly and easily.

3. Businesses may not always have access to the skills they need.

One of the downsides of cutting staff is that you may not have access to the best technical skills and talent. This is especially true if you adopt a new technology or if there are new issues and problems that arise. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure support can help you make sure that you get seasoned experts working on your IT problems. These experts also have the experience that your current IT team might not have. That saves you time and everything works with little room for mistakes!

4. Businesses need to be flexible.

There are businesses that are currently in transition. They may be looking to add another product line, starting a new project, or merging with another company. For all transition points, IT infrastructure is an important factor. Outsourcing allows you to ensure smooth sailing operations as far as your IT infrastructure is concerned, without the need for you to hire temporary employees for short-term projects.

5. Businesses need to know who they can trust.

Trust is another area where service providers and partners differ. A service provider is focused on specific tasks and would not concern themselves with anything else beyond these. You can get several service providers depending on the type of work you need. An IT infrastructure partner, however, can help you with all of your IT needs and more.

Support.BG is a highly trusted IT services partner for several clients. We take care of their IT infrastructure and help them with their day to day IT needs. We help improve system construction, communication and scalability using a client’s current IT investments and assets.