Hosted PBX is proud to announce the availability of our Hosted PBX platform. Specifically designed with the small business business in mind, our product is easy to use yet full featured.

Hosted PBX

We provide you with everything needed to start using the advanced feature of today’s state of the art telephone systems, without needing to hire a consultant to install, configure, and manage it.
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Help Desk and End User Support

Outsourced HelpDesk and End User support can help your organization to reduce costs by providing your employees with the assistance they need.

Help Desk and End User Support

Our technicians have worked with numerous software and hardware systems over a wide range of industries, so you can be assured that we have the knowledge to support your user base.
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IT Infrastructure Support

IT Infrastructure forms the backbone of the services provided to your employees and clients. IT services help provide efficiencies and cost savings.

IT Infrastructure Support

We approach your business as not just a supplier of services, but as a partner. This combined with our experience allows us to plan and implement IT services that are relevant to your current needs, but also with the future goals of your company in mind.
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IT and Business Consulting

IT services continue to play a larger role in all areas of business these days. By maximizing the benefits that IT can provide you can help maintain your advantage in the market.

IT and Business Consulting

In today’s world of complex line of business applications and ever increasing amounts of date, the opportunities for improvement are easily overlooked.
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Voice over IP and Telephony

Voice over IP technologies have changed the way companies view their communications. Cost savings, increased efficiencies, and increased telephony features.

Voice over IP and Telephony

For over 7 years has implemented VoIP technologies for our clients, allowing them to capitalize on the advantages our systems provide.

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What We Do

Who We Are

Support.BG offers IT services outsourcing. We can help you do more with your IT when you need it and at rates that you would love. Whatever you need, as long as it is related to your computers, network, programs, software, and devices, we are just one call away.

Today’s businesses rely on their IT to keep them competitive, while also keeping the costs down. IT services encompass every aspect of a business, and so it is very important that you have expert IT support when you need it.

The problem, however, is that having an internal IT team can be very costly. And even if you do have a stellar IT department, the IT personnel surely have their plates full. This is where we come in. Think of us as your extended IT department, and it helps that we are experts in the services we offer.

Our team of talented administrators, programmers, and technicians focus on your IT while you focus on your business! Our core competencies include HelpDesk and outsourced IT services, IT Infrastructure support, Voice over IP, and IT Business services. We have worked in numerous different industries and with all major vendors of hardware and software.

We are a leading boutique provider in Bulgaria of hosted Software as a Service solutions. From our Hosted PBX to hosted CRM and all between, we have solutions for today’s fast changing business.

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Hosted PBX
Help Desk
IT Infrastructure
IT Consulting
Voice over IP

Why Support.BG?

1. Hire the experts. Information technology is a field that is dynamic and fast-moving. There is always new technology that you should try out, or updates to the technology you are currently using. When you work with Support.BG, you can be sure that you have certified IT experts with updated knowledge and skills. Not only that, our team has worked with several companies from different industries, including:

  • Call centers
  • Government institutions
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Multinational companies
  • Internet service providers
  • VOIP providers

2. Get the IT service help you need. Whether you need assistance setting up your hosted PBX systems, or help getting started with VOIP systems, you can count on us. We also offer IT consulting services that will help you take full advantage of IT to help you grow your business. You can even call us when your internal IT department is drowning with work and we would take up the slack and keep things working smoothly!

3. Great service! Support.BG’s takes its role seriously and as an IT services outsourcing company worth its salt. We guarantee great service every step of the way. All of our clients have access to our client resources, where they could get fast help and support. On top of that, we are always one call away!

4. Lowest rates. Great service, expert talent, the best IT services help and a responsive and professional team. These are what we offer. In other words, we can be your dream team! And the best news is that you do not have to rob a bank to get us onboard. Support.BG guarantees value for your money.

Talk to us about how we can help with your IT services outsourcing needs!

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