Outsourced HelpDesk and End User support can help your organization to reduce costs by providing your employees with the assistance they need while not maintaining additional staff on your payroll. Our technicians have worked with numerous software and hardware systems over a wide range of industries, so you can be assured that we have the knowledge to support your user base.

Help Desk and End User Support Outsourcing Service: Day-to-day IT support done by IT experts

Just imagine this: your IT guys are working on an enterprise-wide project that management needs to be done quickly. Already, several IT tasks are delayed or rescheduled. Software updating, for one, has been pushed back, opening your entire network to vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers. What’s more, Jenny from Accounting can’t seem to figure out why her Quicken program is acting up and several computers bogged down.

On top of their usual tasks, members of your IT team also need to juggle special projects and IT emergencies that happen on a regular basis. There is just too much stuff to do and not that much time — or manpower — to go around. So what happens is that some important tasks are ignored or postponed.

However, with Support.BG’s Help Desk and End User Support service, that does not have to be the case.

Support.BG helps you reduce cost and keep up with the work by acting as extra IT help for your employees. Our team of expert technicians has worked with several software and hardware systems for companies coming from a wide cross-section of industries. What does it all mean? We can field all the questions your employees have and we can help solve any IT problems that come your way.

Some of the things we can do for you include:

  • Regular updating of your desktop and laptop operating systems.
  • Regular scheduled preventative maintenance so that your systems are running at 100%.
  • Providing you with competitive quotes to ensure you get the best value on your software and hardware needs.
  • Onsite and Remote Help Desk services that give your employees timely, expert advice for all their questions.

Help Desk and End User Support: Proven Results

Working with Support.BG allows your operations to run smoothly. Your employees can come to us for their IT-related questions, and we would help them fix different issues. Meanwhile, your IT team is left to focus on more important tasks.

Please contact us today to learn more on how we can help your employes be as productive as possible.

Some areas that Support.BG can help you with:

  • Microsoft Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7
  • Linux based desktop environments featuring Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora
  • Support and maintenance of your Internet connection, gateways, and switches
  • Maintaining your printers, fax machines, and scanners.
  • Installation and support of all your purchased software.
  • Assisting your users with the office productivity software, from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice.
  • Setup and maintenance of your wireless access-points and wireless clients.
  • Providing you with assistance with warranty support via the hardware vendors you have chosen to work with.